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Social Studies: Grade 5 Lesson Sample

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

This lesson was designed to be conducted either virtually or in person. This lesson was developed for a Grade 5 class to actively study the six geographical regions of Canada. This lesson is intended to wrap up the "Physical Geography of Canada" unit in the Grade 5 curriculum. In this lesson, students will be given pictures --or if available, real-- artifacts from the geographical regions of Canada. Using their prior knowledge of the geographical regions, students will consider the purpose of the artifact as well as the geographical region it likely resided in. This lesson also largely targets TQS 5: Applying Foundational Knowledge about First Nations, Metis and Inuit in that we are analyzing the ways in which FNMI people historically lived with the land. Please see the attached lesson plan, materials, and lesson presentation for further information.

Grade 5 Geographical Regions Lesson Plan
Download • 133KB

Grade 5 Lesson Materials
Download PDF • 127KB

Grade 5 Geographical Regions Lesson Pres
Download • 1.92MB

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